Monday, April 20, 2020

COVID19 Images from Kopakama Cooperative

Strict movement restrictions were implemented starting March 23rd in Rwanda.
April 6 - general assembly for the cooperative had
 to be only the essential few officers, sitting 2 m apart.

Here is what Gervais KAYITARE, Executive Director of Kopakama Cooperative had to say when the lockdown started on March 23:
"The Government took further preventive measures against Coronavirus today. No movements are allowed between Kigali and rural areas nor between districts. For agricultural activities,  we are still allowed to collect cherries. I'm preparing the guidelines for farmers, collectors, reception, etc in order to meet the preventive measures."
Regarding farmers, he shared, 
Modeling masks -
head agronomist, Justin, and
Ejo Heza farmer, Marie Grace
"like others in the World Wide, members of Kopakama are frightened of the pandemic. Because of restrictions, as rural people who live by daily routines, I can't say they feel safe because they're not free to move for satisfying their needs. Despite that they remain calm since they don't have any choice and nothing to do except respect of preventive measures proposed by the Government."
Seems like we will all be happy for Coronavirus to be under control so we can visit again!

See below for the March 23rd announcement from the Minister of Agriculture in Kinyarwanda.