Monday, March 16, 2020

CoffeeFest NYC - Coffee People in the Big Apple!

March 16, 2020

The world has changed dramatically since only a week ago, when coffee people from all over the Eastern United States gathered at Javits Center, NYC for CoffeeFest. I suspect those giant halls are empty now, due to global Coronavirus social distancing! This blog is dedicated to the friends new and old made at the conference. Thank you all for being there, and stay safe until we meet again!

Was great to see Sam of Dillanos -- she won first prize in the US Barista Championship last year. This year she made a great return taking 4th place -- just two weeks ago!

Claire Harriman and colleague, Doug, with Roast Magazine.

Loved seeing Kevin Kuyers of Theta Ridge promoting his women-grown coffee from Colombia!

Cyrus Hernstadt of Think Coffee explained how they thoughtfully put sustainable pricing and great tasting coffee together!

Preston of Birch Coffee impressed Ruth Ann with his frozen capsules of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe!

 The big apple was very welcoming to CoffeeFest!