Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rwanda Ejo Heza Cup Profile from a Roaster

Ejo Heza has Stand Out Flavor in the Cup!
This is the cup profile Artisan received from a well-respected roaster in the Bay Area:

Moisture: 10.9%
Water Activity: .58
1. Fragrance: pleasant dark raw sugar/molasses, jam, plum, prune
2. Aroma: dark chocolate, multi-sweetness
3. Flavor: sugar-browning, spice and jammy sweetness, prunes and raisins
4. Aftertaste: pleasant lemon and Brazil nut
5. Acidity: bright, lemony
6. Body: full, creamy
7. Balance: good
8. Sweet: good
9. Clean cup: good
10. Overall: 85.5
Brewed on V60 – flavor held well.