Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Announcing Artisan's Warm Referral Program for Roasters!

Have you ever heard of a warm referral? It's a sales step that is 180 degrees different than a cold call. Instead of the seller attempting to guess who might want to hear from her, there is an invitation. The prospective buyer has already expressed interest through a trusted third party.

At Artisan Coffee Imports we seek to grow to become the preferred supplier of East African coffee to roasters with high ethical standards. If you are a current customer, first of all, thank you! We'll do our best to promote your business whenever we can. You're already helping to achieve our mission to:

Trade coffee in sustainable ways that improve the lives of farmers. We offer artisan roasters taste with consistency and transparent sourcing that supports the roaster's brand. Through consulting we offer supply chain management techniques to producer organizations at origin. Together we improve quality and grow the share of export price for the farmer.

Would you be willing to support Artisan's mission even more? If you know other roasters who you would describe as 

"open to new sources of ethically grown, traceable and sustainably traded East African coffee"

... we should talk! But better yet, why not connect Artisan's president, Ruth Ann, to your roaster friend with a friendly email? (Send to info@biz.artisancoffeeimports.com to reach Ruth Ann.) This saves your friend the time and effort of writing a 'cold call' email to Artisan, and instead makes all three of us feel like we've just shared a cup of coffee with people we trust. Your email to Roaster Y with Ruth Ann copied is a warm referral.

We understand your time is valuable, too. So for each email you write, we'll take $20 off your next green coffee order. That's correct! If you can introduce us to five qualified roasters, you can save $100 on your next invoice. 

Who is a qualified roaster? Start with the phrase above ("open to new sources..."), then speak to that roaster-friend and let them know you'd like to put them in touch with Artisan. If they agree to take a call from Ruth Ann, this is a qualified roaster. 

A warm referral email might look like this:

Subject: Introducing two great coffee people
Dear Roaster Y:
As discussed earlier, I’d like to introduce you to Ruth Ann at Artisan Coffee Imports. She does a great job connecting us with our Ejo Heza coffee from Rwanda. I think she might be able to help you with your sourcing, too.
Dear Ruth Ann:
Please meet Roaster Y. They said during our meeting the other day they’d be happy to take your call and explain why they’re considering some new sources for green coffee. Roaster Y’s number is: 734-123-4567.
Good luck to you both!

Together, we can create the world where coffee Artisans, even the producers, can live from their craft.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Getting Ready for Expo in Chicago!

The countdown is on! We're looking forward to having SCA Expo in the Midwest this year in the beautiful windy city of Chicago, Illinois! 

We'd like to share a few highlights and a couple maps to help you plan your time at the McCormick Place convention center on the magnificent Lake Michigan.

Fri., Apr. 12, 1:30 - 3pm, Artisan Cupping, Cupping Exchange, S404D

Sat, Apr. 13, 8:00 - 9:30am, IWCA breakfast, keynote speaker is the Exec. Director of World Coffee Research, tickets $150 available during Expo registration and at the door.

Sun, Apr. 14, 9:00 - 10:00am, S401D Panel/lecture: "Celebrate Women in Coffee", Ruth Ann is moderating this panel with expert panelists: 
Teopista Nakkungu, Regional Chapter Relations Africa for IWCA;
Grayson Caldwell, Director of Sustainability at Bellwether; 
Kyle Engelman, CEO at Grounds for Health; 
Sylvia Calfat, Senior Project Manager, COSA.

The Exhibit Hall will be in the Lakeside Center. The lectures and Cupping Exchange are on the fourth floor of the South Building. Plan time for the 10 -15 minute walk over the bridge and up some escalators!

Go to https://www.mccormickplace.com/facility-overview/floor-plans/ or  https://www.coffeeexpo.org/ for more info.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Tour of Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters New Facility in Ferndale, MI

 Feb. 5, 2024

We were thrilled last week to have the opportunity to share the Ejo Heza story at Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters' (DOCR) Ferndale retail store and HQ. It's the fourth location for them and just opened in April 2023. It's an amazing 9000 sq ft coffee roasters' dream! First, there's the large education and cupping room where we got to give the presentation. The space is separate from the bar and seating area, allowing any event to be private. This is a departure from the more open stage arrangement in other DOCR locations.

The event space doubles as a cupping lab because of the cool long, hardwood tables on wheels and the fully equipped espresso bar with a sink. Along one side of the event space is a huge conference room with a gorgeous long natural wood table with inlaid coffee beans! I've never seen anything like it!

Another unique feature of the DOCR space - the commercial kitchen for baking their famous, one-of-a-kind cheesecakes. Have you ever had baklava or raspberry, white chocolate cheesecake?! 

In the roastery, it was a treat to see the old, 10 kilo Mill City roaster that I knew from its prior location in Rochester, MI. It now sits next to its new 'big brother' Probat which is a 24 kilo roaster. 

Nate Hamood (right), owner/roaster/co-founder of Dessert Oasis talks with participants.

Amelie Haakenson, manager at Dessert Oasis, sets up the cupping table.

Ruth Ann presenting the Ethiopian coffees on the table.
The new space has room for two roasters! (Old, small one in the foreground, new larger Probat in the background.)

DOCR and Artisan make a great partnership!