Friday, April 15, 2011

New decaf Colombian AA to be featured at SCAA

A tasty new decaf from Colombia has landed in Oakland, CA! Get yours by contacting Artisan Coffee Imports (734-717-6278). Processed using the ethyl acetate "natural" decaffeination method (at the Descafecol plant in Colombia) this coffee has lemony sweetness, brings a fresh, crisp aftertaste, very nice acidity, clean and has a viscous body. A surprisingly tasty cup.

What's great is the transparency through to the cooperative level. The coffee is called "El Meridiano", a brand name of the ASOCEAS association of 58 small coffee growers in Herrera, a department of Tolima, Colombia. To really drill down to the location, look up the town of Rioblanco -- that's the small mountain town closest to most of the farms. I've uploaded a photo of Einar Ortiz, one of the farmers in this cooperative.

Varieties of coffee in this lot: Caturra (70%), Colombia (20%) and Typica (10%)
Fully washed in micro-mills at each farm
Sun-dried at each farm in green-house and roof type drying patios
Grown with 40% shade cover
Preparation: Excelso European Prep (EP) (Screen 15+)
Specialty Grade

Going to the SCAA Event in Houston? Cup this coffee and other decafs at the "Single Origin Decaf Cupping" being hosted by Artisan Coffee Imports on Sunday, May 1, 9:15- 10:15am in the Activities Hall (of the G.R. Brown Convention Center), The Cupping Exchange, Room A.

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