Monday, September 6, 2010

Doctor's Order: Reduce Caffeine

Here's my new slogan: Behind every coffee drinker is a decision to reduce caffeine intake. The coffee industry needs to take more note of this undeniable truism. The question isn't "if", it's "when" for any regular coffee drinker. At some point in their coffee drinking life, each coffee devotee will discover for themselves, or a health practitioner will tell them -- "try reducing the amount of caffeine intake." The next question that consumer has to answer is, "will I switch beverages, or will I go to decaf coffee?" If they haven't been getting any marketing messages about the delightful taste, variety and excitement their cafe, roaster and barista has to offer in the decaf line-up -- guess what? They will probably switch to vitamin water, herbal tea, or tap water.

A large employer in my community, like large employers across the USA, recently had this advice in their employee "Wellness" newsletter: 'Curb Caffeine to Reduce Stress:
Stimulants such as tobacco and caffeine can rev up your nervous system, which increases stress. Also, the addictive nature of some stimulants could leave you anxious until your next fix.'

Wake-up and smell the coffee -- market your decaf or you will be losing market share.

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