Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Supposed "high end" coffee shop with no decaf

A new coffee shop just opened near my office in Ann Arbor, MI. The press as they opened is about how they are creating a place for hip, young professionals. (Apparently the other shops in town are for the un-hip, old folks?) Regardless of the age-ism issues the owners may have, I decided to try it out. Attractive lighting, lots of sleek bamboo wood for the tables, benches and bars, emphasis on tea and frozen yogurt are unique!

So the coffee -- they're boasting about serving Intelligentsia coffee and I see a bag of Black Cat near the LaMarzoco espresso machine. Sounds promising! I order a decaf machiatto. The formerly bright shining face of the barista/new-owner falls to a slightly pained look. "I don't have decaf espresso." Then, without offering anything to compensate he explains how he can't afford a second grinder right now, partly because he's only using the best grinders -- a Mazzen sits on the counter proudly filled with caffeinated espresso (the Black Cat, of course).

I try to understand why a "high end coffee shop" would not cater to the epitomy of dedication in coffee -- the decaf espresso drinker -- by asking questions, but Toby, the barista/owner doesn't get it. I explain that Artisan Coffee Imports could provide Intelligentsia with high end decaf if they don't have it. He doesn't comprehend and doesn't even get what good customer service is. He tells me several times he's very busy and doesn't have time to talk. Apparently he'd rather have me go away and tell 10 friends how arrogant they are, rather than offer me one of his estate single-origin decaf drip brews. How sad when young professionals must learn the hard way!

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